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Bespoke Kitchens

Incorporating both traditional and modern design, each and every project is handmade by The Main Company’s master craftsmen in its North Yorkshire workshops, using a range of authentic materials to create a truly bespoke look.

Step into a world of bespoke kitchen products at The Main Company, where sustainability meets sophistication in every creation. From reclaimed wood cabinetry to artisan-crafted furnishings, our collection showcases the beauty and versatility of eco-friendly design. Explore our offerings and find inspiration to elevate your kitchen with timeless charm and environmental consciousness.

Bespoke Painted & Reclaimed Kitchens

- Handcrafted in Yorkshire since 1978 -

With vast expertise and an unrivaled passion for creative design, The Main Company have been creating handcrafted, naturally bespoke kitchens for over 40 years. Combining organic design and meticulous craftsmanship, The Main Company pride themselves on using the very best in new, salvaged and reclaimed materials to deliver custom-made designs abound with distinctive charm and individuality. The use of reclaimed solid wood and metal are just a couple of the materials that The Main Company chooses to create its truly bespoke kitchens. Contrary to popular belief, reclaimed doesn’t equate to lower quality; rather, it signifies the use of the highest quality materials that are eco-friendly and possess a rich history. Engineering original wood for flooring, internal wood cladding, kitchens, bed heads or individual tailored pieces of furniture is one of the company’s prized skills. No piece of wood is identical, no kitchen the same – each piece of timber has a unique history, adding to the character of our creations.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of our process. The Main Company’s onsite kilns in North Yorkshire allow all the timber to be dried to the correct moisture content prior to order. As one of only a few companies in the UK that engineer reclaimed timber flooring that is also compatible with underfloor heating, The Main Company’s state-of-the-art machinery ensures that flooring can be re-machined to the highest of standards. Alongside bespoke kitchens, we interest our customers with ex-display kitchens, further contributing to the principle of sustainability. 

Alex Main, Director at The Main Company, comments: “With the recent rise in awareness for sustainability and eco-conscious materials filtering through to design, reclaimed wood is a great option that not only considers the environment but also introduces an authentic charm to the kitchen.”

Reclaimed wood, with its unique surface texture that enhances over time, finds its place in various aspects of our kitchen designs. From cabinetry to reclaimed engineered flooring, reclaimed wood has many uses in the kitchen and is celebrated for its unique surface texture that only improves with age. Repurposing timber not only provides the material with a new lease of life but also introduces a rich design history to a kitchen design that doesn’t compromise.

As a family run business since 1978, our kitchens are handcrafted by skilled joiners in the North Yorkshire workshop and meticulously fitted into homes across the country. Blending modern innovation – often used in our contemporary kitchens – with traditional craftsmanship, The Main Company seeks to bring authentic character and charm to today’s homes through its naturally individual designs, unique textures and exquisite finishes.

Get in touch with us today and let us transform your vision into a timeless masterpiece that reflects your unique style and values!

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FAQ: Bespoke Kitchens

Reclaimed materials possess a unique history and character that new materials lack. Each piece of reclaimed wood has a story to tell, adding authenticity and charm to your kitchen design. Additionally, opting for reclaimed materials contributes to sustainability efforts by repurposing existing resources.

Our onsite kilns in North Yorkshire allow us to dry timber to the correct moisture content, maintaining its integrity. Additionally, our skilled craftsmen meticulously inspect and prepare each piece before incorporating it into our designs, guaranteeing the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Yes, using reclaimed materials is a sustainable choice. By repurposing existing materials, we reduce the demand for new resources, minimize waste, and lower our carbon footprint. Plus, reclaiming wood helps preserve forests and reduces the need for logging, making it a more eco-friendly option.

Absolutely! One of the advantages of working with reclaimed materials is their versatility. Whether you need bespoke cabinetry, engineered flooring, or unique furniture pieces, our team can tailor reclaimed materials to suit your design preferences and space requirements. 


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