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Top 5: Kitchen Countertops

A kitchen countertop is a key element in the look and feel of a kitchen. Countertops are the surface we prepare our meals on which makes it the surface we see and touch the most in our kitchens. In modern kitchens countertops have also adapted the roles of a breakfast counter, coffee bar, work space and so on. Given the high utility of this surface it is important to pick the right material with some or most of these features: durable, heat resistant, scratch proof, visually pleasing, and easy to clean.

From our experience designing bespoke kitchens we have shortlisted the top 5 countertop materials


A composite worktop is made from two or more materials combined together, this results in a more durable and versatile material. Composite is the most commonly found finish due to it’s numerous advantages and variety of colours and textures.

Composite Worktops have two main types: Quartz-based and solid surface. Quartz-based composites are engineered using natural quartz crystals that are bonded together with resin. Solid surface composites are produced using a man-made acrylic or polyester material. Both types of composites offer the same benefits: Hardwearing, consistent, non-porous, and repairable.

In our Bespoke Kitchen Project 31 – Essex we used a composite countertop, it created the perfect contrast to the brightly painted cabinets.


Bespoke kitchen with concrete top

Looking for a minimal kitchen? look no further! Concrete countertops are getting very popular in residential kitchens for their functionality and aesthetic appeal, additionally they are inherently durable as well as easy to clean and maintain. Some of the advantages of concrete are, durability, versatility, and scratch resistance (in comparison to other materials).

We have used a concrete countertop in our Bespoke Kitchen Project 34 – Whitechapel. The combination of concrete, bricks and brass create the perfect balance in this space.


Metal counters are the perfect star piece in a kitchen. Depending on which finish you pick it can create varied looks. We have worked on a number of projects with metal countertops, as shown above in our Bespoke Kitchen Project 30 – Greenwich.

The most common types of metal countertops are; Stainless steel, Copper, Bronze, and Aluminium. Each of these metals create a unique look depending on the theme of the kitchen. Some of the over arching advantages for metal countertops are: Durability, some have antibacterial properties, some would produce a beautiful patina over time, corrosion resistant, recyclable, and easy to maintain.

Natural Stone

A traditional and popular choice is natural stone . Granite, Marble, Onyx, and Dolomite are some of the most used natural stones for countertops. Natural stone is the definition of luxury in a kitchen, these stunning counters are quite high in price and very high maintenance. However, they create a luxurious look and feel for your kitchen and are available in an extensive colour palette! Natural stones are durable, and scratch­ and heat resistant making them exceptionally useful in our industry.

Natural stones have their own distinct patterns, colour swirls, and luminous flecks. Their inherently unique characteristics become part of your kitchen when you select a natural stone for your countertop.

We have used a natural stone countertop in our Bespoke Kitchen Project 5 – Harrogate. The granite used benefits from a plum coloured fleck, working perfectly with the plum coloured cabinets.


Wooden countertops have been a staple in kitchens for decades. The variety of wood available ensures it can be used no matter what the theme of the kitchen is. Wood is a durable material, and easy to fix if maintained properly making it an excellent choice for a countertop. Wood goes well with majority of colours and kitchen styles and we love a classic wooden countertop at The Main Company! We have used wooden countertops in several projects, shown above is one of our favourite wooden countertops in our Bespoke Kitchen Project 19 – Wighill.

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